Subscription Box Review: Boxycharm September 2016

Boxycharm has done it again. It’s my second month of subscribing to this box, and I can’t imagine how they’ll be able to top this one. I’ve already done a review of my favorite item in the box, the Studio Makeup On-The-Go Eyeshadow Palette (and mentioned it in my September monthly favorites) so I’ll review the other four products here.

This month’s theme was Go Glamping, and while I don’t totally understand how all of these products fit that theme (how do you do a rinse-out hair mask even while camping/glamping?) I seriously love every item that was in the box.


As I said the eyeshadow palette was the hit of the box, and the colors were perfect fall, nuetral, outdoorsy shades. It looked like my favorite plaid blanket scarf in eyeshadow form. And as the overflowing shelf in my closet suggests, I love a blanket scarf.


My next favorite item is the Pur Lip Lure Hydrating Lip Lacquer in Belle. It seems that everyone received a different shade of this lip product, and I am so happy with mine–it is a neutral nude mauvey pink, perfect for everyday. It is glossy enough to look polished, but not so glossy that it looks overdone. Glamping, in lip form. And the color is great for any season, but perfect for the transition into fall. I included it in my transitional lip products post for that reason! It’s a great product, and I will definitely look into buying more. They were on sale at Ulta, and are now out of stock, so I don’t know if Pur is discontinuing or reformulating this product. I’ll keep an eye out and update you if I find out more. They are still available at Kohl’s ($22) and I believe on Pur’s website.

Next I received a full size Butter London nail polish in Yummy Mummy, a neutral beige with subtle silver shimmer. It’s a gorgeous color, and I know I’ll be wearing it a lot for an understated, pulled-together look this fall and winter. If you’ve never used Butter London polishes, though, be warned: the applicator is not what you’d expect. The rectangular lid pops off leaving you with an easy-to-use thinner top, but I didn’t realize this at first and struggled through my first application. (I was literally writing the “how can everyone say these are so great when the applicator is so terrible” post in my head when I noticed that the top came apart. Way to go, me.)

My only complaint about this formula is that it remains a bit rubbery feeling long after application–it needs a fast-drying topcoat to avoid getting dented (not chipping, it hasn’t dried down enough to chip) if you bump into anything with your nails, even for a few hours afterward. But I will keep using it and I’d consider purchasing more (it retails for $15). I just wish it dried down faster.

The surprise of the box was the Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Hair Mask in Strawberry Banana ($24 for two 6-oz tubs). I really hate that name–“hairgurt” is just not a pretty-sounding word. I was also convinced I’d hate the product. I don’t like yogurt. I really don’t like Strawberry Banana yogurt. And this smells very fruity in the bottle. Like, so fruity I’m not even sure my 13-year old self would have liked it, and that is the last time I can remember liking fruity-scented products. I almost didn’t even try this one based on scent alone. But I did, and I am so glad I did! It is possibly the best conditioning treatment I’ve ever used. It makes my hair feel thicker, more volumized, softer, more manageable–I cannot stop using it. And while it initially smells very strong, the smell does not linger in your hair after rinsing and your hair is left smelling clean and fresh. This is a great product, and I highly recommend it. It says it is formulated with yogurt powder, quinoa, prebiotics, and no parabens or sulfates. I will definitely be buying it again. And I am still shocked that I like it so much.

Finally, I received the Hikari Eye Liner in Raven ($13). It is a twist-up pencil liner that comes to a nice point, which I appreciate, since I am not a fan of twist-up liners because they are often not terribly precise (since you can’t sharpen them). It’s a perfectly fine liner–easy to smoke out and it generally stays put. I did notice some smudging on my outer eye early in the day, but after wiping it away I didn’t notice any more problems. But while it’s a good liner, it isn’t necessarily better than any of my other black liners, so it’s not one I’d say to race out and buy. One thing I do like about the packaging–rather than being a round thin tube, the liner case is a rectangle shape, which makes it easier to hold and it doesn’t roll off your vanity or bathroom counter. That was kind of genius, Hikari.

Final Word: I am so excited–and mildly nervous–for my October Boxycharm. I just don’t know how anything they include can be this good. If you want to subscribe to Boxycharm and receive this month’s box, you have until 8 pm EST on the last day of the month (so tomorrow, September 30) to do so. It will take about 15 days to arrive, so you have to be a little patient. It’s really hard–I watched my tracking info like a hawk. But this is a great subscription service, and so far totally worth the $21 a month!

Disclaimer: I purchased this subscription on my own, and this post is not sponsored in any way.



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